I wish it was you


Just second day of my arrival has past, I am expecting days will be different from one another, I was albeit fed up from monotonous work.

To bring something new and special one, God landed you, I thought.

When i first glare at you, I was reeling on my past. My old memories and flash back pinched me badly and utterly… I was so excited to see you as my next adaptation (or mistake ??…I swear).  That period of Time was real contradiction and full of dilemma.

You’re junior and still a wonder girl means I passed your age and time but it was completely different… we worked for living, you works for creating happiness for others…

Personal troubles and shortcomings will makes us Great…

And I just wanna say,

“You’re on the verge of becoming the great, dear little girl…”
-with lots of love,

(I’ll carry tragic but unforgettable memory in my heart)