heart vacancy

It gives me a great opportunity to pounds my heart while I’ve been stepped on banks premise.

always something new…

that day to today…



I was at a pioneer bank to express money and just saw long queue. you know gentle people, I hate any line from bank to hotel; even toilet.

I am not standing at that silly queue but standing in front of reception…where my eyes find something new story….actually

she was calling on the ring…”hello……bank limited…”

where also line of few foolish person….

finally my turns…I called a new man … “Sir, look at this cheque …”

he has taken from my hand and glaring at it… soon he gave it to her exactly what I want…

then she stamped a receipt… torn it and give it to me… calling “rupees 130 lagcha” 

“okay no problem”, and I gave her Rs 200 “change chhaina”
she hisses to me and saying “deduce from the account …”
OMG, I completely zero minded in front of her…

and waiting …just looking at her….secretly.

she says last sentence to me”didn’t you get receipt…”
I checked my pocket and saying “oh yes…”
$till I have jya feelings…..

and finally,

that day

I finally realize that, Cute girls are really amazing …


(inspired from true story.)


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